Welcome to KKT Orthopedic Spine Center Kuwait

Opening Hours : Saturday to Thursday - 7 AM to 10 PM


1. 1. What is KKT® spinal care ?

We can proudly say that KKT® treatment offers the most sophisticated non-invasive medical technology for spinal restoration and conditioning. It’s highly effective in the treatment of many painful and debilitating spine-related conditions including whiplash, herniated disks, back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, headaches and more. And many of our patients would agree.

2. 2. What is the purpose of KKT® spinal care ?

In short, to heal your spine, reduce or eliminate your pain, and to give you back the quality of life you’ve been missing. The world’s most advanced healing machine is your own body. Therefore, KKT® treatment gives your body every chance to heal itself the way nature intends. KKT® spinal care restores the body's structural and neurological balances that have been affected by disturbances within the spine. This restoration reactivates the transmission of healing messages from the brain to the affected part of the body and vice versa. As a result, your own body's rhythms and natural healing processes can begin.


3. 3. Why is spinal care important ?

A compromised spine compromises your overall health, comfort, productivity, and ultimate enjoyment of life. As one of the most complex systems in your body, a compromised spine may affect your upper and lower back, neck, and hip are as well. It’s important to pay attention to your health when the spine is compromised. Because it is in this weak state when irreversible damage can occur. Today, more than ever before, Dr. Khan and his team of researchers and KKT® Physicians are discovering clear associations between the spine and its effect on our life, health and wellbeing. Take the time to care for your spine and it will serve you well for life.


4. 4. How long does the KKT® treatment take ?

The actual KKT® treatment is typically shorter than a routine doctor visit — approximately 10 – 15 minutes. However, in order to receive the full diagnostic and treatment benefits of KKT®, you will need to undergo our intensive orientation which we like to call the heart of this superior technological treatment. This orientation includes an initial consultation, examination, x-rays and report of findings.


5. 5. How long before I start to feel the benefits of the treatments ?

The important fact is that you will feel better as a result of the treatments. How soon after depends on how well your body responds to the treatment as well as the extent of the correction. Some patients are visibly excited to experience a reduction in symptoms as well as pain almost immediately after treatment. For others, it could take anywhere from a week to six weeks to notice changes. Significant improvements resulting from notable structural changes are usually observed anywhere from six to eight months. Of course, the patients who follow our recommended schedule of care typically experience the best outcomes.


6. 6. What does the KKT® treatment feel like ?

The first question patients usually ask: Will it hurt? Absolutely not. If you normally experience back pain by lying on your side, you might feel your usual discomfort. However, the only thing you’ll feel as a result of your KKT® treatment is a minor pulse on the upper neck accompanied by a slight reverberating sound.