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What Is KKT ?

KKT (Khan Kinetic Treatment) technology is a highly sophisticated, Non-invasive, evidence-based medical treatment designed to easily and painlessly realign the spine while promoting regenerating cellular tissue. It utilizes a patients unique signature sound frequencies to address core spinal distortions and disturbances.

KKT’s integrated diagnostic and treatment system along with its intensive orientation places it ahead of all other treatment options.

The KKT® treatment can have a significant impact on your physical health by:

  1.  Reducing or eliminating pain; 
  2.  Promoting tissue regeneration to remedy narrowing and loss of normal disk height;    
  3.  Arresting bone degeneration that lead to osteophytesor bone spurs;
  4.  Repairing and strengthening tendons and ligaments;
  5.  Enhancing coordination;
  6.  Increasing range of motion; and
  7.  Improving posture.
  8.  KKT Treatment is supported and advanced through ongoing studies


KKT Treatment

KKT treatment  begins with an in-depth consultation, medical exam and X-rays to start your care. 

On the second visit your doctor will explain their findings and your prescribed treatment.


The treatment generally consists of 12 sessions but may be longer or shorter depending on a patients condition and the severity of their condition. 

During each session a unique KKT patented stylus is applied gently and painlessly onto  the spine.


Each one of the 7 billion humans has a unique signature treatment. This unique frequency is calculated on the first visit during the diagnostics assessment. This data is then applied to the spine, in order to effectively treat the condition.


The Acoustic sound waves are administered in a range of frequencies that have been determined scientifically by KKT to realign your back. In controlled scientific studies, the KKT frequencies are also shown to make dramatic changes in the production of key proteins in the disc. The disc changes happen through the positive effect on gene expression. These proteins are known to protect the disc from compression and damage.


The KKT technology delivers precisely defined, small amplitude, Quantum Acoustic Waves™ to the tissues of the back and neck. Patients experience no pain and no adverse side effects, patients report a significant decrease in pain as well as a decrease in pain medication consumption.


The treatment sessions last about 4 minutes and are completely painless.  The doctor will monitor the changes to your spine before and after each treatment. At KKT Orthopedic Spine Center, we believe that the forces that makeup a body, also have the power to heal the body.

KKT implements this unique blend of regenerative treatment regimens, focusing on vital aspects necessary to the healing process. KKT combined the art of healing, to offer patients a balanced approach to pain relief and spinal wellness.


KKT Maintenance:A comprehensive follow-up care plan, designed to evaluate the efficacy of KKT treatment and biosynthesis, enables patients to regain comfortable function and mobility in the affected area. This helps the patient to maintain the gains made during the initial treatment phase.


KKT lifestyle management: A patient specific programme that uses therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and physical modalities to help patients eliminate pain without drugs or surgery— the goal is to facilitate patients in their own recovery in both a passive and active manner.


KKT Health: A bespoke consultation programme designed to educate and guide patients towards leading a healthy lifestyle and making informed choices about what goes into their bodies as well as other socioeconomic factors that may be providing obstacles to your recovery.


At KKT our multi-specialty approach does not exclude the known benefits of medical, surgical and associated Orthopedic disciplines.


It is our intent to see these philosophies work together to provide the best source of spinal pain care available to our patients.

Patient explains her treatment experience in KKT

Patient explains her treatment experience in KKT

Dentist explains his treatment experience in KKT