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Dr. Khans Message 


KKT® Story

“It has always been a dream of mine to develop and implement scientifically proven technology to alleviate pain, a key area of interest being spinal treatments. As a result, myself and some key partners dared to invest personal funds and time to embark on research to achieving this goal – and so our story began. Today, KKT® is pleased to share its success not only in the area of non-invasive spinal surgery but in the broader areas of Orthopedic and chiropractic care.”


Dr. Aslam A. Khan, Founder and CEO of KKT® Orthopedic Spine Center

Dr. Khan laid the foundation of KKT® Orthopedic Spine Center in 1999, with the aim of creating a medical facility that bridges the partition between high-tech clinical research and the human condition.

During the first few years, Dr. Khan built up a small team of professionals in Canada and pioneered KKT®’s first official product, – KKT® Device is a highly sophisticated, non-invasive medical device designed to use "Quantum Acoustic Waves™ to painlessly realign the spine and reduce/alleviate pain. Tested in Canada and the United States, the device was approved for spine treatment a few years later.

Dr. Khan followed up the success of KKT® Device by developing a series of diagnostic analysis tools and applications such as; the famous Spinalytics® X-ray Analysis, Digital Imaging and Patient Management Systems, as well as exercise programmes and associated spine-related products and services.


 KKT®’s, ultimate goal for these innovative products and services was and still is to give people the option of an holistic programme to conquer pain.


Today, with the help of Dr. Khan’s innovative thinking, and the dedication of KKT®’s team of experts, KKT® Orthopedic Center has become a global leader in non-invasive spinal treatment. Over the past decade the center has significantly grown in the field of orthopedic health, and has gained recognition from both peers and researchers as a major player in the field of non-invasive spinal treatment.